Frequently Asked Questions


+ How does it work?

Delegating can sometimes create extra work, so we emphasize a seamless experience. You do not need to worry about adding us to your malpractice policy or setting us up with your Westlaw or Lexis account. Simply reach out to us here or by email with the pertinent names for a conflict check. Let us know some details such as your deadline, your expectation for the final project, and an estimation of the number of hours you think the project will take. We will confirm the project and arrange a phone or video conference to discuss the facts. While working on the project, we will stay in communication to make sure we are achieving your objectives.

+ What can I hire an Ad Hoc attorney to do?

Generally, our attorneys can do anything a traditional attorney can do. However, we do not form an attorney-client relationship with the end client, which means the hiring attorney is ultimately responsible for legal services rendered to his/her client.

+ What ethical issues should I be considering?

Though our attorneys are held to the same ethical standards as traditional attorneys, there are ethical areas that require special consideration and planning when using an outside attorney. These include avoiding conflicts of interest, verifying qualifications, safeguarding confidentiality, obtaining client consent where necessary, providing an adequate level of supervision, and ensuring the reasonability of the fee.

+ How do we conflict check?

We use a professional conflict checker to help us avoid unintentional conflicts of interest. We ask that those interested in initiating a project on a new matter submit their conflicts here or via email to

+ Are your attorneys bound by confidentiality?

Yes, though we do not form an attorney-client relationship with the end client, we sign a confidentiality agreement with each of our hiring firms stating that we agree to be bound by confidentiality and to safeguard client confidences.

+ Do you have malpractice insurance?

Yes, we have a malpractice policy that covers acts, errors, and omissions in legal services rendered by Ad Hoc Legal Group, PLLC. Even if we are working on your firm’s case, our work is covered by this policy because Ad Hoc is its own entity. Please note that this only covers our work.

+ What are your rates, and how are projects billed?

We bill a reasonable hourly rate for our projects and invoice at a project’s close unless we have agreed in advance to bill monthly for a specific project. Contact us for more specifics on our rates.

+ How do you track your time?

We track our time contemporaneously with a professional time tracker that allows us to provide our hiring firms with detailed time records.

+ Where do I mail a check?

You can mail checks to the following: ℅ Ad Hoc Legal Group, PLLC, 1037 NE 65th Street $ 80315, Seattle, WA 98115. We also have the ability to process credit cards or to set up ACH transfers here.

+ Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we use an online portal that supports credit card processing in addition to allowing our users to view their past invoices and payment history. We also have the capability of processing payments through ACH.

+ Where are you located?

We are a Washington company, but our attorneys are located in Missouri and Oklahoma.

+ Can I surcharge my client for work completed by one of your attorneys?

Yes, in most states surcharging is acceptable as long as our services are billed as fees for legal services, rather than expenses, and the total fee is reasonable.