2017 Year in Review

2017 was a fantastic year thanks in large part to our hiring-firms who gave us challenging, sometimes confounding, and always interesting projects. We started the year off with a modest launch and have ended it with a better-than-expected number of ongoing partnerships. We’ve split our time between providing civil litigation support and performing legal reviews (mostly in the area of municipal law). On the civil litigation side, we’ve spent the bulk of our time writing research memoranda followed by the drafting of pleadings, written discovery, and document review, in that order. In our legal reviews, we’ve examined municipal codes for internal inconsistencies and external conflicts with state or federal law and provided recommendations to cities based on our findings.

Breakdown of our litigation activities

Breakdown of our common practice areas

We’ve made a number of improvements to our business including upgrading our research platform to Westlaw with a National Primary/Washington Analytical package. Additionally, we added a client portal so that our hiring-firms can keep track of their invoices and payment history, and we incorporated credit card processing capabilities. Our billing realization rate has been steadily improving, but we’re not yet at maximum capacity, so spread the word! Keeping our current rates depends on consistent work. As always, we appreciate any feedback from you on how we can improve our work product and business processes. It’s been such a pleasure working with each of you, and we cannot wait for what 2018 brings!