So You May Have Noticed A Few Changes Around Here...


We aren't the type to sit on our hands even when things are going well. We are always looking for ways to improve our business model, or in this case, our image. So one year after our initial launch, we decided we wanted to change things up and put together a branding package that better reflected our vision for Adhoc. as well as our personal styles. 

Along with the branding package came a website redesign that's streamlined but also loaded with new features to serve both new and existing clients. For prospective hiring partners, we hope we have answered most of your burning questions on our FAQ page. If not, email us. For our existing partners, check out the client portal. It has links to all the important stuff. You can request a project, submit conflict information, access our billing platform to view invoices (or pay them!), and schedule a meeting with either one of us through Calendly.

Of course we had a little (okay a lot!) help from the highly-talented graphic designer, Joanna King of Joannabelle Design, and the keen-eyed photographer, Alex Kendall. We hope you like what you see!