How to Open a Project (in just 3 steps)

1. Submit conflict information so we can run a check.

This is the first piece of information we'll need in order to determine whether we're eligible to take your project. We'll email you the results of our check as soon as possible. You can use the form in the link above or send the conflict information over email. Of course, if we've already been working on a matter, you can skip this step. 

2. Give us the basics.

Next, we'll need to determine whether we're available for your project. Again, this can be done over email or by using the form in the link above. Generally, what we need to know in order to accept and assign a project is the project's type (i.e., research memo, petition, motion, discovery docs, etc.), estimated number of hours to complete, and a deadline. We also want to know who you'd prefer to work with for this project (we'll do our best to accomodate) and any other information that's important to getting started.

3. Set UP a Brief conference to get us up to speed.

Once we've figured out who will be handling your project, that person will reach out to set up a video conference or phone call. During this call, we like to cover a little background on the case in addition to going over any expectations specific to the project. 


That's it!